Our Companies

Agni is a group of many companies, each a market-leader and united by a common purpose- to enable people to rise.

  • Agni Incorporated Private Limited
  • Balaju Auto Works Private Limited
  • Agni Energy Private Limited
  • Agni Moto Inc Private Limited
  • Agni Hire Purchase Private Limited
  • Agni Holding Private Limited
  • Agni Logistics Private Limited
  • Agni Equipment Private Limited
  • Verda Investment Private limited
  • Agni Aastha
  • Agni Incorporated
    Private Limited

    Established in 1991, Agni Incorporated deals particularly with the vehicles specially crafted from Mahindra & Mahindra and is also the authorized distributor for the Mahindra’s automobiles and tractors.

  • Balaju Auto Works
    Private Limited

    BAW, the third business vertical of Agni Incorporated is the Authorized Service Centre for Mahindra in Nepal.

  • Agni Energy
    Private Limited

    Established in 2012, under Agni Incorporated, Agni Energy is a newly established company which mainly focuses on the energy sector.

  • Agni Moto Inc
    Private Limited

    The most recent addition to the Agni group, Agni Moto Inc has been dealing with Mahindra two wheelers since 2015.

  • Agni Hire Purchase
    Private Limited

    Agni Investment Private limited is a subsidiary of Agni Group, which is newly established private hire purchase company for Automobiles.

  • Agni Holding
    Private Limited

    Agni Holding Private Limited is an investment company that make an investment in Hydro, insurance, banking, education and tourism sector.

  • Agni Logistics
    Private Limited

    Agni Logistic Pvt. Ltd. is a company under Agni group, which offers procurement or leasing facilities throughout the state of Nepal to supply goods and services as per the demand for the service.

  • Agni Equipment
    Private Limited

    Agni Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor in Nepal for the several tools and equipment such as MILWAUKEE, BLACK MAX and HUSQVARNA.

  • Verda Investment
    Private limited

    Verda Investment Private limited was established in 2015 A.D with a motive to offer necessary financial support to the companies with various projects contributing in sectors like manufacturing and trading, consultancies, finance and service industries with the joint investment of foreign organizations The company is also the promoter in Regal Cinemas.

  • Agni Astha
    Private Limited

    Agni Aastha is subsidiary company under Agni Group Pvt. Ltd. It is a certified used car company established with a motive to ease out the buying and selling of certified pre owned vehicles.

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